Consecration to St. Joseph

What is Consecration to St. Joseph?

St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary, is a great example of how to live one's vocation, dedicate oneself to God, and stay close to the Blessed Mother. The Consecration to St. Joseph includes 33 days of preparation, where we learn about the virtues and holiness of St. Joseph and how this great saint can assist us in our lives today. After spending about a month learning and reflecting upon his life, we are given the opportunity to consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph's care, asking him to intercede for us always. 

33 Days of Preparation

During Lent, we are offering group preparation for the consecration to St. Joseph. Group preparation includes daily, personal reading and reflection as well as weekly group meetings. Group meetings begin February 15 and our Consecration Day is March 19. Please consider joining other parishioners in preparing for consecration to St. Joseph!


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