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Designed with RCIA in mind, Symbolon uses prayer, video teaching, discussion questions, a catechist summary, a call to conversion, and a recommended Celebration of the Word of God.


This blog is dedicated to bringing you free Catholic audio. "Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ." Rom 10:17


Since its inception, CERC has been compiling an Internet resource library and publishing a weekly E-Letter made up of the most compelling and convincing articles we can find on the big issues in the faith and culture category. CERC is educating a broad range of Catholics and enquiring non-Catholics about the positive role the Catholic Church has played and continues to play in the world.


Immaculate Heart Radio

Immaculate Heart Radio is a non-profit lay apostolate that operates a growing network of Catholic radio stations in the West. We are dedicated to sharing the heart of the Christian faith and changing lives through radio airwaves. 


Lighthouse Catholic Media specializes in promoting the Catholic Faith through high quality presentations on audio CDs and MP3s from many of the best Catholic speakers in English and Spanish.


Read the latest Catholic news from around the globe, get access to The Catholic Encyclopedia, The Bible, and other resources.


EWTN Global Catholic network is dedicated to teaching the truth of the Catholic faith. In keeping with the Holy Father's call for a New Evangelization, EWTN's Mission is to communicate the teachings and beauty of the Cathoic Church and to help people grow in their love and understanding of God and His infinte mercy. 

Catholic Mom endeavors to share the Catholic faith with mothers and families, in adherence to the Magisterium of the Church. 


Website hosted by Stephen Ray, a convert to the Catholic Church providing convert stories, recources, and weekly highlights in the Church. 

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