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Program Overview, Information and Policies


It's never too early to start learning about God and His Church! Kids are encouraged to start religious education classes in preschool. Kids are required to attend classes in 1st and 2nd Grade to receive First Holy Communion in the spring of 2nd Grade. 

PreK and Kindergarten: Kids are introduced to epic and impactful Bible Stories through pictures, reading aloud, art, music and other activities.  

Grade 1: Kids will continue to journey through salvation history, learn the three basic Catholic prayers, and become familiar with the parts of the Mass. This class is required as part of our First Reconciliation/First Communion program because it lays a strong foundation for more challenging subjects covered in Grade 2.  

Grade 2: At the start of classes in Grade 2, kids are expected to know the three basic Catholic prayers and will recite them for their teachers within the first few weeks of class.  The curriculum is comprehensive in its approach to sacramental preparation- using fun activities, engaging student books, compelling stories, and entertaining videos.

For Grade 2, Mass is a part of class. Children will receive their First Holy Communion in the context of the Mass. Mass will teach them more about the Eucharist and about being a part of our Church than class can. It is important to get into a routine of attending Mass as a family now, as a part of preparing your child to receive their First Communion. To that end, we strongly encourage our PreK-Grade 1 families to also stay for Mass after class.  

The Masses after our classes are our family Mass times. During those Masses, kids go to Pathfinders (Children's Liturgy of the Word), where they hear the readings of the week and a lesson appropriate for them. They return to their families after the readings and homily. This allows parents to listen to the readings and homily for themselves, without the distraction of their kids.   

Parents are required to attend Mass with their children. Parents should pick up their children in their classrooms 10 minutes before the start of Mass, and walk their kids into the church for Mass. Families must sign in at the back of the church after Mass to receive credit for attending Mass/class. If your family cannot attend Mass immediately following class, your family can sign in at any other Mass time. 

Mass is far more important than class! If ever you must choose between attending Mass and attending class, always choose Mass.

Family Days are an opportunity for parents of kids in PreK-Gr 2 to see what their kids are learning in our classes and learn alongside them! We’ll share ways to bring the faith into your home, and ways to help your kids prepare for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. On Family Days, at least one parent is required to attend class with their child. Siblings are welcome to attend, too! 


Children in 2nd Grade are required to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation before receiving First Holy Communion. First Reconciliation retreats will be held on March 8, 11:00-1:00 at St. Agnes and March 15, 11:00-1:00 at St. Rose. Kids in 2nd Grade must attend one of these dates. More information to come. 


Tentative First Holy Communion dates are May 3 at St. Agnes and May 10 at St. Rose. Registration for First Communion will open in early 2025. Children must receive their First Reconciliation before First Communion. Your child’s First Communion Mass time is not confirmed until they receive First Reconciliation in March. Kids can receive First Communion at either church, regardless of the town you live in or where they attended classes.  

Questions? Contact Erica Yanchus, First Communion Coordinator, at [email protected] 

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