Holy Matrimony

Sacraments 101: Matrimony (why make it Catholic)

God's Plan for Marriage... 

Catholics believe that the sacrament of marriage (also called "Holy Matrimony") comes as a gift from the hand of God. In a permissive culture, the Catholic vision of marriage is countercultural: it is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is expressed in the teachings and practices of the Church. It has these main elements:

  • Marriage unites a couple in faithful and mutual love
  • Marriage opens a couple to giving life
  • Marriage is a way to respond to God’s call to holiness
  • Marriage calls the couple to be a sign of Christ’s love in the world

There are some steps to help you prepare for your wedding and to live the vocation of marriage.

  • Contact your parish and meet with a priest or deacon to begin the process
  • Couple pre-marital inventory
  • Complete a Marriage Preparation program 
  • Attend Fertility Awareness or NFP introduction
  • Make a good confession prior to your "I do"
  • Final meeting with priest or deacon to prepare the liturgy

For information on the Archdiocesan Marriage Prep Program, Transformed In Love, click here.

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