Volunteer Forms

All Religious Education Volunteers must complete the following:
  1. CORI
    A CORI Form must be submitted every year. After completing the CORI Form, bring it to the parish office (22 Boston St. Middleton) or plan a time to meet Amy in person to give it to her. Please have your driver's license with you when handing in your CORI Form. A staff member must verify your information by checking your license.
  2. VIRTUS Training
    VIRTUS Training only needs to be completed once. If you have already completed VIRTUS Training, please submit your certificate to Shelley Bihl at [email protected]. If you have not completed VIRTUS Training, it can now be completed in person or online. 
  3. Code of Conduct
    After reading and signing the Code of Conduct, email it to Shelley Bihl at [email protected] or drop it off at the office (22 Boston St. Middleton).
  4. Volunteer Info Sheet
    After completing the Volunteer Info Sheet, email it to Shelley Bihl at [email protected] or drop it off at the office (22 Boston St. Middleton).


If you have questions about these forms and trainings, please contact Shelley Bihl ([email protected]) or Amy Kostak ([email protected]).


Interested in Volunteering?

Please contact Amy Kostak, Director of Faith Formation
[email protected]

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