New Schedule Takes Effect

Dear parishioners,

In order to accommodate the needs of our two parishes and our religious education program, and given the limited resources of priests and time, we will be having a change in schedule of our Sunday Masses. The new weekend schedule, effective this weekend, September 11+12, 2021 is:

Saturday Vigil

  • 4:00pm Saint Agnes
  • 5:30pm Saint Rose


  • 8:00am Saint Rose
  • 9:30am Saint Rose (with Pathfinders Liturgy of the Word for Children)
  • 11:00am Saint Agnes (with Pathfinders Liturgy of the Word for Children)
  • 1:30pm Saint Agnes (Sept-Jan)/Saint Rose (Feb-June) Teaching Mass
  • 6:00pm Saint Rose

It is my hope that this new schedule, which does not return to our pre-pandemic schedule, and is at the same time a change from the current schedule, will allow both parishes to grow, and serve the needs of as many people as possible. One thought behind the current schedule for Sunday is that the Faith Formation for children/teens in Sacramental preparatory years will be on Sunday and include Sunday Mass. We have put together three options for the children preparing for Holy Communion (Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, and Monday afternoon) and two options for teens preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation (Sunday before evening Mass or after evening Mass). I hope that the Sunday 6:00pm Mass will continue to become a more and more well-attending Mass, especially among the youth, and attract many youth to the Sunday worship of God. Additionally, we will have Liturgy of the Word for Children at the 9:30 and 11:00 Masses in the hopes of encouraging families to attend Mass together.

One important consideration when setting the Sunday Mass schedule was that there will only be one priest available. In the past it has been perhaps easier to find guest priests to fill in on Sundays. Now, it is becoming more and more difficult, and not at all consistent and dependable. Having a second priest assigned to our parishes is not guaranteed for the long term, especially given that Fr Karlo’s assignment is expected to finish in the coming year. It is also important to note that the most important time of the week for a priest is when he sees his parishioners on Sunday. If we priests are running back and forth from one church to the other ducking out after Mass to go celebrate the next Mass, it does not allow for us to get to know the people we serve in the way we need to, and in the way that sustains us as your priests. It is very important that we settled on a schedule that allows me as your pastor to not simply celebrate Mass for you and then take off, but to be able to spend time with you, teach the children and teens on Sundays, and to be available to you as much as possible.

As we move forward this Fall, as two parishes and one collaborative, it is my hope and my prayer that this new schedule, while not accommodating the wants and convenience of every person, will provide for the needs of us all to worship God at Sunday Mass (even if not at the exact time we prefer), and help lead the children and youth of the parishes to Christ, especially on Sunday. I hope and pray that it will also sustain me in a way that I can serve you well for the long term, as Our Lord desires, as your priest and brother.

God Bless,

Father Dan

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