Catholic Social Teaching

Your January assignment is to watch the two videos below about Catholic Social Teaching on and complete the quiz below.

It may be helpful to write your answers in another document and copy them into the form below when you are finished. There is no way to save this form and come back to it.




Before watching the videos, you'll need to create a Formed account through our parish subscription:

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  • Enter "01983" or "Saint Rose Saint Agnes" to find our parish account
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  • Click "Sign Up"


If you won't be able to finish the quiz in one sitting, write your answers in another doc, and then copy and paste them into the quiz. There is no way to save the quiz and come back to it.

In 1 Corinthians 13, St. Paul shares characteristics of love. Read the characteristics and evaluate each characteristic in your own life. 

  • LOVE IS PATIENT: I don’t get irritated and take out my frustrations on others. I pray for those who frustrate me.
  • LOVE IS KIND: I smile, share encouraging words, and do thoughtful things for others.
  • LOVE DOES NOT ENVY: I do not resent but rather celebrate others’ gifts, abilities, and blessings.
  • LOVE DOES NOT BOAST: I don’t feel the need to talk about myself or be the center of attention. LOVE IS NOT PROUD: I don’t think of myself as better than others.
  • LOVE IS NOT RUDE: I don’t make cutting remarks or crude comments when I don’t get my way, nor do I give the silent treatment.
  • LOVE IS NOT SELF-SEEKING: I put others before myself and give them emotional and spiritual support.
  • LOVE IS NOT EASILY ANGERED: I am not easily provoked to anger, and I do not retaliate.
  • LOVE KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONGS: I don’t keep track of the number of times someone has wronged me, and I don’t bring it up with them when we have a conflict.
  • LOVE DOES NOT DELIGHT IN EVIL: I am loving and accepting while not approving of sinful behavior.
  • LOVE REJOICES IN THE TRUTH: I conform my life to the truth and share the truth in love with others, even when it might be difficult.
  • LOVE ALWAYS PROTECTS: I stand in the breach for others, protecting their purity and well-being.
  • LOVE ALWAYS TRUSTS: My faith and security in God’s love frees me to risk and trust others.
  • LOVE ALWAYS HOPES: I expect the best and try to bring the best out of others. With Jesus there is always hope.
  • LOVE ALWAYS PERSEVERES: I know I will let myself down and people will let me down, but I will not give up on myself or others.

Before submitting your assignment, pray this prayer for justice

Come, O Holy Spirit!
Come, open us to the wonder, beauty, and dignity of the diversity found in each culture, in each face, and in each experience we have of the other among us.
Come, fill us with generosity as we are challenged to let go and allow others to share with us the goods and beauty of earth.
Come, heal the divisions that keep us from seeing the face of Christ in all men, women, and children.
Come, free us to stand with and for those who must leave their own lands in order to find work, security, and welcome in a new land, one that has enough to share.
Come, bring us understanding, inspiration, wisdom, and the courage needed to embrace change and stay on the journey.
Come, O Holy Spirit, show us the way.

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