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Important Links

Elevate Remote

Schools are closed, public gatherings are extremely limited, and we are sacrificing more than we could have ever planned for this Lent. As the situation with the coronavirus evolves, it's important to remember God's place in all of this. It's easy to get lost in the stress of it all and forget that God doesn't let anything happen that He won't make good things come out of. Now more than ever, we need to turn our attention to Him. When everything else stops, He keeps working. So will we.

While we can't meet for Confirmation prep, Life Nights, or even Mass, we will continue to offer plenty of opportunities for faith formation and Sacramental preparation in your own homes. Each week on Sunday at 6:00pm, we will put out a 5-10 minute video for each grade. More information can be found in the update video at the bottom of this page and on the FAQ page.

Elevate on Zoom

We've been having lots of fun at our Zoom sessions! It's been a great way to stay connected throughout everything, so we hope you can join us for some of our upcoming sessions:


Bible Study: Thursday 8PM

Sunday Hangout: Sunday 6PM


We now have a consistent link for the Zoom "room", so anytime you want to join just use the link below. 


Life Night Remote

Week 9: Confirmation

Life Night 9: The Sacrament of Confirmation

Week 8: Freedom & Beauty

Life Night 8: Freedom & Beauty

Week 7: Sin

Life Night Week 7: Sin

Week 6: Natural Law

What is Natural Law?

Week 5: Jesus as Savior

Life Night 5: Jesus As Savior

Week 4: Easter

Life Night Remote 4: Easter

Week 3: Palm Sunday

Life Night Remote 3: Palm Sunday

Week 2: The Cross

Life Night Remote - Week 2: The Cross

Week 1: Why Suffer?

Life Night Remote - Week One: Why Suffer?


Week 9: Life in the Spirit

Confirmation Week 9: Life in the Spirit

Week 8: Pentecost

Confirmation Week 8: Pentecost

Week 7: How to Pray (Better)

Confirmation Week 7: Prayer

Week 6: Piety and Fear of the Lord

Confirmation Week 6: Fear & Piety

Week 5: Fortitude

Confirmation Week 5: Fortitude

Week 4: Understanding & Counsel

Confirmation Week 4: Understanding & Counsel

Week 3: Wisdom & Knowledge

Confirmation Week 3: Wisdom & Knowledge

Week 2: Seven Gifts

Confirmation Remote - Week 2: Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Week 1: The Calling

Confirmation Remote Week 1: The Calling

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