FAQs about Having Your Wedding at Saint Rose of Lima

What days do you celebrate Wedding Ceremonies?

Keeping in mind that we have only one priest to take care of the spiritual needs of the people from two parishes, typically wedding ceremonies take place on Saturdays. However, your wedding ceremony can take place on any day, with a couple of caveats.

  • Parish Members: If you or your parents have an active registration for the last year or more at Saint Rose of Lima Parish, Topsfield, or Saint Agnes Parish, Middleton, then our priest can be available to preside at your wedding on any available day.
  • Visitors: We are so glad you are considering Saint Rose of Lima church for your wedding! If you are not a member of Saint Rose of Lima Parish or Saint Agnes Parish, our priest can preside at your wedding on any free Saturday. Yet, the priest or deacon at your local Catholic parish - the Catholic church where you attend Mass on Sundays - is more than welcome to come to Saint Rose of Lima to preside at your wedding on any available day. For example, if you would like your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, your local Catholic priest or deacon would be most welcome to celebrate your wedding here at Saint Rose on any available Friday or Sunday.

How many priests or deacons do you have at your parish and how is a priest or deacon assigned to our wedding?

We have one priest assigned to our two parishes (Saint Rose of Lima Parish, Topsfield and Saint Agnes Parish, Middleton). We do not have any deacons assigned to our parishes. You will meet with our parish priest and in most situations, he is the priest who will be with you at your wedding ceremony.  However, it may be that the priest you meet with is not the priest who will be at your wedding.   Why?  Priests are rotated  throughout the many parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston. It could happen that our priest is assigned to another parish in the Archdiocese by the time your wedding day comes around. Another reason is, like you and me, priests do have time for an annual vacation.   Your wedding may occur during our priest's   vacation time. Don't worry, if either of those situations occur, a visiting priest or deacon will be assigned to our parishes to preside at your wedding.

Please be advised that if our priest is away on vacation, during the months of July and August the temporarily assigned priests to our parish visit us from other countries.  All are fluent in english, yet it is natural for a person from another country to speak english with an accent. If that is a concern for you, having your wedding at Saint Rose of Lima during the months of July and August would not be the correct decision, unless your local parish priest will come to Saint Rose to preside at your wedding ceremony.

I booked the wedding reception facility over the phone, why can't I reserve the church in the same manner?

Your wedding day is a most personal and important moment in your life. The church honors the personal nature of your wedding and considers your marriage deeply sacred. Your love is a blessing from God. Please know that your wedding and marriage is not treated like a business transaction by our parish.

Saint Rose of Lima is not my parish. Can my wedding still happen there?

Yes, you simply need to go to your Catholic parish (the church you attend Mass at on Sundays), explain that you would like to have your wedding at Saint Rose of Lima, and ask your local pastor to send a letter to our priest stating that your local priest will conduct your marriage preparation and is aware that the wedding will take place at Saint Rose of Lima church. This is a courtesy regularly extended between parishes and the local priests.

My fiancee and I haven't been attending Mass at any parish. Can we still have our wedding at Saint Rose of Lima church?

Yes. Many couples use the marriage preparation time as a moment to "reboot" their spiritual life and reflect upon the priority that God is in their lives. Bringing your love for each other before God and receiving the holy Sacrament of Matrimony is the way God invites a couple to begin their lives together. We are thrilled to be a part of this new beginning of your spiritual life. If Saint Rose of Lima is not your parish, this is a great time to connect with your local Catholic church, as mentioned above. We can help.

What are the costs associated with having a wedding at your church?

Finances are not an obstacle to receiving the Sacrament of Marriage at our parishes. We want everyone to receive the wonder and strength of this beautiful Sacrament and experience the blessing of God as you begin your married life.  If this is a time of financial hardship for you, please talk with our parish priest.

Church Offering: We are so thankful to have a beautiful church and grounds for your wedding. Both are costly to maintain. The purposes of the church offering at the time of marriage is to provide for the regular upkeep of the church building and grounds, and to partially cover utility costs so that the church is comfortable for you and your guests.

Saint Rose of Lima Parishioner: If you or your parents have been registered as a parishioner, and have regularly contributed to the maintenance of our church building and grounds, there is no requested offering. Any donation you would like to make in honor of your marriage would be gratefully received.

Non-Parishioner: $750.00 to help with the maintenance of our church building and grounds.

Wedding Musicians: The following are the fees requested by the musicians .

The following are the fees requested by the musicians.

Bench fee: includes meeting to review musical options & organizing of the musicians in preparing for the wedding - $100.00

Pianist: ensures the wedding will have a pianist/organist accompanying the wedding - $200.00

Vocalist: ensures the wedding will have a vocalist accompanying the wedding - $150.00

Wedding Coordinator:

Conducts the wedding rehearsal: $50.00

Sets up the church on your wedding day, organizes and initiates the bridal procession, cleans the church after your wedding ceremony: $150.00

For your convenience, wedding fees are due and payable in one check to Saint Rose of Lima Parish in two equal installments: (1) at the time of scheduling the exact date of the wedding(receipt confirms your date) and (2) balance due 30 days prior to your wedding. Please send checks to: St. Rose of Lima Parish Office, 22 Boston Street, Middleton, Massachusetts 01949 On your check please note the date of your wedding and the name of the bride and groom. Since reserving the church will preclude another couple from having that date for their wedding, your first installment is nonrefundable.

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