Confirmation Preparation Grades 7-10

Confirmation Preparation

In February 2024 Cardinal Sean O'Malley made the decision to lower the normal age of reception of the sacrament of Confirmation in the Archdiocese of Boston from around the age of 16 (or 10th or 11th grade) to around the ages of 13-14 (or 8th grade).  This will involve a 2-3 year transition from our current Confirmation program to achieve.

For more information on this decision please see the Confirmation page of the Archdiocese of Boston


For 2024-2025, this means that we will have multiple grades preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at once.  Confirmation preparation is typically a two-year preparation in our parishes.


Please click on your child's grade level for 2024-2025 calendars

7th grade - Confirmation year 1

8th grade - Confirmation year 1

9th grade - Confirmation 

9th grade - Advanced Confirmation (for students who attended Religious Education throughout the 2023-2024 year)

10th grade Confirmation year 2

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